"Can you print this?"

Image quality is a thing when it comes to printing anything. You can't print quality if your file isn't quality. Often times people take a screen shot, send it to me and think I can just click print. I wish it was that easy but unfortunately, it isn't. When you take an image from let's say a screen shot, it may look good on your phone, but in actual size, it's very tiny and has minimal quality.

In order for an image to print with great detail and high quality, it should be at least 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch) this is obtained by using an expensive camera with the correct settings. Even then, let's say you do have a high quality image that was taken with a high quality camera and you send it to me via text message. It still can not be printed with high quality because texting it leaves out the quality so it can be transmitted fast. The best way to send an image is to email it. That way it will keep it dpi and allow me to blow it up to the size it needs to be.


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